What You Should Never Do If You’re Just Starting a Business

Sometimes in 2015, I quit a fairly paying job as a school teacher, to pursue online marketing.

I had always wanted to earn my living as a writer.

But leaving that job was one big mistake I made.

Here’s why:

Up until 2015, I had very little knowledge about online marketing.

I was a writer. Yes.

But I sucked at selling my skills online.

Since I was new to the field, i had to pay a brutal price for not planning properly before making the leap. 

I didnt have a job to back me up. So I went totally broke.

Things wouldn’t pick up again until around May 2016 when I began to write email copies for clients.

Success was steady.

But it came anyway.

Here’s what I learned then:

It takes guts to build a successful business.

And most businesses don’t succeed immediately.

It’s even worse if you don’t know shit about the business in the beginning.

You’ll be foolish to leave your job to dive right into something like that.

Yes, I know some motivational hotheads preach that you burn your bridges & destroy your alternatives if you truly want to succeed.

They say that you should quit your job and start a business, because then you’ll be very motivated to succeed.

That’s good.

But unless you have the determination of a thousand men.

And you don’t have a family whom you will take with you down the road of poverty….

…don’t believe that crap.

It takes guts to start, run & succeed in a business.

It takes sodding guts!

So, have a backup plan.

Don’t ‘risk all’, if you don’t have 1-year living expense stashed away…

….or another means of income.

To be forewarned is to be forearmed.

Busayo Lawrence
Email Copywriter

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