What To Do When You Don’t “Feel Like Working”


Right now, the last thing I want to do is to write.

I just want to sit back and binge-watch some action movies on Netflix.

Yet, let me tell you why I had to drop whatever banged-up excuse I might have, to write anyway:

You see, when you run your own business (especially when you’re a newbie entrepreneur)….

….You’re the manager,

The marketer,

The business strategist,

The analyst,

The accountant,

All at the same time.

You have to juggle all of these roles, if you must put food on the table, Baby.

Sure, you may have some money to get yourself all these help.

But I’m talking about if you’re a broke butt, who is just trying to stand on your feet here.

You want to put in all the work, so you can get your business running FAST & successful in no time.

Sad news is: the amount of work and dedication you give to your business at the beginning, may determine how soon you achieve your success.

You could choose to take the weekends off at the beginning.

That’s fine.

Or you could choose to work 14 hours every single day (including weekends), only to rest in the evenings.

Your result will most often be determined by how much work you are willing to put in at first.

That’s why binge-watching movies on Netflix isn’t an option in the beginning.

Taking long breaks because “you don’t feel like it” is you actually telling yourself: “I don’t give a sh*t about this business.”

No, if you must build a successful business FAST, you must be willing to put in all the work.

Take some time to rest.

Your health matters.


But don’t spend so much time “taking time off” you stop building your business.

Don’t spend so much time “taking time off” you stop marketing your ideas.


When you’ve made all the moolah you want (and you’ve automated your work process), you can take a month’s break if you want.

But now?

Get to work.


Busayo Lawrence
Email Copywriter

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