What If You Don’t Have Customers

When I started my email copywriting business in May 2016, I had no clients.

I had no customer base.

I didnt even have an email list.

All I had was the email addresses of few friends…and my email copywriting skill.

I started to write daily sales emails to this tiny email list.

Each time I learned something new in sales/copywriting, I shared it.

Within 14 days of doing this, somebody from the email list called me.

He had been reading my emails (though he never replied ANY).

He was interested in hiring me to write for his business.

Long story short, I started to write email copies and sales pages for him.

Soon, he introduced me to other friends of his.

I started to write copies for them as well.

I went from broke to semi-rich in three months.

Because…I simply got started with what I have.

You see, like so many other smart business people, I have learned that when you start with what you have, all you need will come to you eventually.

I wanted a BIG emailing business. I started with about 10 email addresses.

So did so many other successful entrepreneurs.

You may not have the money to generate more customers for your business.

Yet, start with the 1-10 customers you already have.

Serve them exceptionally.

Give them your very best.

Deliver your products/services excellently.

By the time you’ve wowed them, those customers often tell others about your business.

And so you grow….

See, if people get GREAT services/products, they’ll brag about it to their friends.

That’s one sure-fire tactic to begin to grow your customer base.

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