This DECISION Determines Whether You Succeed (Or Not)

Hello, Friend,

In my emails, I write to small businesses and creatives who are just starting to build their businesses from the ground up.

The reason is simple:

I can relate with these people. Because that’s where I am at the moment.

This is another one of those emails:

Recently, my family had an emergency that demanded so much money to resolve.

Because I had “invested” money somewhere else, I was totally broke. I had no money to fix what was going on.

Frantically, I reached out to very few friends I had (and that I could trust).

Within two days, the matter was solved. The emergency that nearly put I and my family out, disappeared.

Thanks to God and to friends who showed up on the scene.

While I do not brag about being able to receive from my friends, I learned a very important lesson from this experience:

The lesson is….the importance of having the right people around you.

This week, I’ve read too many quotes about keeping the right friends if you want to achieve success in your life.

I resonate with this piece of advice. The reason is obvious:

If you keep shitty friends, you’ll have a shitty life.

If you keep successful friends, you’re more likely to be successful.

If you keep ambitious friends, you’ll likely become ambitious, too.

You become the company you keep.


Have a goal to become a millionaire in six months but surround yourself with broke-ass thinking friends.

You’ll only be hearing crickets in your bank account when that 6 months is over.

The lesson in this is clear:

Follow the kind of friends who will lead you where you want to go.

Because your company determines to a big extent if you will ever achieve your success yet.

Or if you will be holding out plates in the future, asking someone, “can I get 2k there?”


Busayo Lawrence
Email Copywriter

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