The Richard Branson Story

One day, British billionaire & entrepreneur, Sir Richard Branson was walking on a field in South Africa.

Shortly, he noticed a native South African woman running up to him.

He stopped, wondering if he was willing to give anything to this beggar coming his way.

The woman got to him, but surprisingly didnt beg for money.

Instead, she asked that Sir Branson should loan him some few dollars to start her business, which she promised to repay in 3 months.

Taken aback by the request, the billionaire handed her a few dollars.

Thinking that at least she would leave him alone.

He didnt expect her to return it.

Three months later, at another occasion, two women walked up to Richard Branson.

They handed him an envelope containing the exact amount of money she had loaned that native woman 3 months ago.

The women said, “We are Mrs. [A]’s assistants.”

“She started a sewing business with the money you gave her & she grew the business within three months.”

“She would have been here herself to refund the money she borrowed from you, but she had to be somewhere else.”

“She asked us to give you the money.”

Richard Branson was blown away.

He was surprised at the sheer determination – & integrity – of the woman.

What’s the lesson in this for you?

I know you’ve been told good things don’t come easy.

That’s true.

If you must increase your income, you must also be willing to pay the price to grow that income.

You cant keep wishing for more money when you are unwilling to put in the work required.

This could mean starting your own business with the talent/skill that you already have.

Or talking to more people about your products/services, so you can sell more.

See, if you do nothing, nothing happens.

If you dont stand up, you will remain on the floor.

It’ll be nobody’s fault. But yours.

Action – plus determination & consistency – will often give you the result you wish for.

If you want more income in your business or your life, it means more work.

More focus.

More determination.

More consistency.

Less talk.

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