If I Could Catch A Smile For You (& Other Romantic Poems)

If You Are A Hopeless Romantic, Looking For Ways To Put The Sizzle Back Into Your Romantic Life, This Anthology Is For You. It Is A Collection Of Romantic Poems You Can Read To Your Spouse, Copy Into Index Cards For Your Loved One, Or Sing To The Love Of Your Life. The Book Contains 46 Poems You Can Use Freely To Bring Back The Fire In Your Marriage Or Brighten The Sparks That Are Already There.


From The Desk of Busayo Lawrence (Email Copywriter)

Hey Friend,

Right now, I’m so excited you took the step to supercharge your relationship.

How, you ask?

You bought my ebook “IF I Could Catch A Smile For You (& Other Poems).

I must tell you: I am excited about your decision to purchase this ebook. 

Here’s what you can do with the eBook:

  • You can read it to yourself or your loved one. 
  • You can write it out on small index cards you drop in your spouse’s bag each time she’s on her way to the office. 
  • You can sing it to her. 
  • Whatever comes to your mind. 


Thanks for making the purchase. 

I trust you will enjoy the poems. 


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Busayo Lawrence

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