Just Be Honest

Sometimes ago, my family was dead broke.

My wife was nine months pregnant. We were expecting our first child.

An older woman I know had left some money with me to settle some online payment for her.

Pressed for cash, I used the money.

I was able to find a way around the online payment for the woman.

But the regret of what I did never left me.

Tired of feeling bad for what I did, I opened up to her.

I told her what I had done, how sorry I was, and how I was willing to pay her back.

She looked at me and said, “You should have told me you needed money. We all go through broke times, you know.”

She forgave the debt.

But much more, she offered to help.

See, that’s what we miss when we don’t open up.

You won’t always have. Don’t believe those lies told by religious men that you should always have.

You won’t. Always. Have.

Things won’t always go your way.

You could lose your job.

You could need some extra income, besides your job.

Your business could be struggling.

When these happen, what matters is that you’re willing to open up to those who will help you.

Those people may not be perfect.

But you know they can help you.

So, ask for their help.

Sometimes, it takes just changing the way you’re looking at things, to get out of your money problems.

Because these people see differently than you see, they’ll show you a different perspective about solving your problem.

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Busayo Lawrence
Email Copywriter

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