To Anyone Who Is Broke, Struggling Financially, & Don't Know What To Do

Hey Friend,

If you’re broke, struggling financially, and you don’t know what to do, this short letter is for you.

The first thing you should know is:

I know how you feel.

I can imagine what you are going through.

The reason is simple:

I have been there.

My name is Busayo Lawrence (formerly Busayo Yusuff).

Some years ago – I think around 2017 to 2019 – I was so broke I could hardly afford to pay for my own haircut.

But here’s what is even sadder:

I was talented.

Seriously, I was.

I had tons of skills that could make me millions online.

I could use any of these skills to change my life.

But I found out I just couldn’t.

I wasn’t making all the money I needed to change my life.

There were so many reasons, actually (as I soon found out).

But the major reason I was broke was that:

I was focused on too many things.

You see, being a talented and smart person like me, can make you feel you ought to be doing everything.

But my experience (and that of so many professionals) has taught me that’s a recipe for failure.

That’s gist for another day.

So to change my life, I focused on one thing. Just one thing.


I studied all I could about writing sales letters, email copies, and business contents that drove massive results for clients.

That’s how my life started to take a turn.

You see, if your financial situation will ever change, you also must make a u-turn.

You’re broke not because you are not talented.

No. Delete that from your brain.

(Each one of us knows how to do one thing the other doesn’t).

You’re broke because you dont know what to do.


Take this analogy for example:

Tade has one talent he could use to build his personal business, to start to make so much money.

But Tade is too afraid to take the risk of quitting his job or start on a side (even though the job is frustrating).

Thus, Tade settles with the disgraceful pay he gets every month, from a job he hates to do.

That’s one way people sabotage themselves.

See, I took the risk to quit my job, said goodbye to ever working for someone else…then launched my own copywriting business.

I’m not a billionaire yet.

I’m not even a multimillionaire at the moment.

But my life is better.

My aim now is to make as many people’s lives become just the same:

Better. Richer. Fuller. Fulfilling. 

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Any nobody, with half a brain, and no University degree, can learn to write sales letters and emails that sell their business.

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That’s all for now.


Busayo Lawrence

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