If Your Income Is Low, Do This

In the last few days, I have been tired, sick & near worn out.

Yet, the last thing I want to do is to quit writing emails.

The last thing you should also want to do, in your quest to growing your income, is to quit.

You may feel your efforts are not working.

You may think you need to learn another skill….

…since your present skill isnt profitable.

But too often, all you need to do is….dont quit.

Instead, change your strategy.

Yes, if your income isnt growing progressively, despite the effort you’re putting in….

….STOP, then look at what you’re doing wrong.

Are you marketing to the RIGHT people?

Are you using the right marketing tactics?

Is your product well-packaged & clearly explained to even interest your customers?

If you aren’t selling more of your products/services, don’t blame the product/services first….

…blame your strategy.

Take a step back to look at what you may be doing wrong.

You’ll keep getting the same result if you keep doing things the same way.


If you’re totally confused about how to take your income from zero to the good sales…

…seek help.

In my monthly report, The CopyHook Newsletter, I distill difficult online marketing tricks into simplified, bite-sized tips….

…so everyone who doesn’t know Jack about selling online can learn.

Whether you have a skill that isnt gaining you clients….

…or you have a business with shamefully low sales…

…The CopyHook Newsletter is for you.

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Busayo Lawrence
Email Copywriter 

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