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Hey, Friend,

Look at the comment below.

 “Mr. Busayo is a great, reliable and knowledgeable person to work with. While he was our copywriter, he increased our sales by over 700% per month and was consistent as well. He is instrumental to our success as business owners.” ~~~ Michael Apata.

Did you look at it?


That’s a statement from a client I worked with some time ago.

We were selling a men’s health product, with a high price point, to a list of 10, 000+ men in Nigeria.

I was to create an email campaign selling that product.

I charged some neck-breaking price to write the email sequence for that product.

After pocketing my huge paycheck, here’s how I did the job daily for only 15-30 days:

I woke up in the morning.

Hit my work desk by 7am.

Roll up my sleeves.

Bang out an email copy on my phone or laptop under 10 minutes.

Put the email up in an email marketing software.

Hit “send”.

All between 7am & 7:30am.

And I was done for the day.

The client started receiving orders.

(3 or 4 orders on bad days).

I got paid quite a sum of cash.

To write just 10 minutes per day. (Technically).

This seems like a too-good-to-be-true talk.

Like I’m selling you that get-rich-quick scam.

Actually, I am.


If you want to look like an overnight success, here’s what I have discovered in all my 8 long years of writing daily sales emails:

The RIGHT people will buy from you as often as possible.

When you send emails that’s valuable into their inbox every day.

It doesn’t if you don’t write Queens English.

It doesn’t matter if you dont have a million bucks for marketing.

As long as you can write highly converting email copies, you’ll dredge up a lot of cash.

So, if you want to make moolah on a whim, then start to write email copies for your product/services.

And watch your cash register ring almost all the time.

But caution though:

You have to have a good product.

You have to have the RIGHT audience in your email list.

And you have to know how to write emails people want to read and buy from.

Honestly, writing such emails isnt difficult at all.

You can take FIVE months off, to study all you can about writing emails that sell…

That’s one solid idea that’ll work.

Or you can fast-track your learning curve by paying for an email copywriting report.

Such as the “Cash On Whim” report.

It’s so cheap (for now) that you’ll be making a big mistake if you don’t get it ASAP.


Busayo Lawrence
Email Copywriter

PS. Once you have a good offer and the right audience, the only thing you need to do to make 10k in 10 minutes is to start writing and sending good email copies.

If you don’t know how to start writing emails that convince people to buy, get the “Cash On A Whim” report. 

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