How To Become An Instant Authority

how to become an instant authority

So once I met this young girl who always wanted to become a writer. I asked her why she hadn’t started to write. She said she was too afraid to start, or something like that.

Then recently, someone close to me told me she wanted to become a data scientist. For the love of God, I did all I could to get her a high-end laptop, so she could get started.

Weeks down the line, I asked why she hadn’t started to practise becoming the data scientist she constantly threatened she wanted to be. She gave me some excuse about being too busy.

I wasn’t surprised she never eventually became that data scientist. She never practised. Well, I took my laptop from her and sold it. I don’t have time for BS.

You see, when I started to write long ago (around April 2009), I just wanted to write for fun. Not for a living. So for the next 8 years, I was writing every single day, publishing all sorts of writings.

From boring poetries, to annoying short stories, and gruesome novels (most of which I never finished).

Years of writing like this soon led me into learning much about blogging, website design, and specifically Email copywriting.

When I wanted to start to make moolah writing, it was the same thing. 

I didnt make all those wise-ass excuses about not being good enough (even though I wasn’t). I didnt mind that I wasn’t skilled at freelancing with my skill (of a truth, I wasn’t. I sucked terribly).

I just created a simple free-hosted website. Started writing weekly blogs, and published them. I shared the links with my friends, and they, in turn, shared those post links with their friends.

Soon, my friends started to call me a “professional writer” (which I wasn’t). They started to recommend me to businesses and individuals who needed writing service.

If they needed to edit their books, or some client’s books, they came to me. I didnt know much about book editing, but schnikes! I learned how to do it, so I could earn cool moolah for my writing business.

Soon, I became an authority in my field (although I was just being a wisecrack who showed up daily to practise and publish repeatedly).

That’s how I grew as a writer and that’s how I know anyone can become an instant authority in their field.

I started to earn my entire living writing. Because I showed up daily, practised and published. Rinsed and repeated. For 8 years plus.

Anybody with half a brain can do just the same thing.

You see, the things of life are so simple that we miss them because we expect them to be complicated.

For example, do you know becoming a wealthy person is so easy, the formula has always been around longer than 5000 B.C ago?

Here it is:

If you do what you’re good at consistently, with much intentionality and deliberateness, putting yourself out there before the RIGHT audience, you are certain to hit gold soon enough.

It’s as simple as that.

Smart, successful individuals establish their authority in their field by practicing daily and publishing, even when they aren’t perfect at what they do.

And for the records, nobody is PERFECT at what they do. We all always keep improving on things. Even Pablo Picasso improved on Leonardo Davinci’s paintings (*mwah*).

It’s the same thing you do with business. You look for ways to simplify things in your business, so you can do less and earn more moolah while you’re at it.

That’s why I wrote the ebook, “Cash On A Whim”, I wanted small business owners & creative people to find simple, yet fail-safe way to build a business that makes them recurring income….using just email copywriting as a major marketing tool.

You see, everything you will ever need to learn about writing email copies that sell your product/service) is inside that ebook.

You just follow the templates I took time (and years of experience) to stitch together in the ebook.

I am not saying you will make a helluva income overnight by using the tips in the book “Cash On A Whim”.

Heck, no!

I’m only saying if you put in the work…to read and practise what the ebook says about writing emails that sell your business….you will get results.

Someone read the book once, when I gave it out at a ridiculous price, and was surprised that I could charge so low for such a great book.

Well, if you are ready now to throw away all excuses and start to drop loads of shekels into your wallet almost every day, then you should read the book “Cash On A Whim.”

The link is right here. Get it now. 

Naked link here:


Busayo Lawrence
Email Copywriter

PS. See, you establish authority in your field by putting yourself out there. Publishing a blog. Selling on social media. Writing & publishing your first book (no matter if it sucks. Duh!).

You get yourself up everyday. You put in the hard work of practicing your skill. You publish it for people to see. And watch the results come in.

Nobody becomes perfect at anything that he isnt practicing deliberately at. It is an age-long principle.

If you want to be seen as an authority in your field, practise and publish. Practise and publish. Practise and publish.

With deliberate, blatant consistency.

While you are at it, you can make a living doing that thing you love.

And this ebook here will show you how you can start to leverage a simplified method to doing so. 

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  1. Busayo is all he claims and much much more. I met Busayo through a sales email in 2017 and I can honestly say contacting him has been one of my smartest business decisions as an Author and a business person.

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