Get Sense or Get Slapped

hand slap in the face

When I was a little boy, about 9 or 10 years old, I was hungry.
Dead hungry.
I had just returned from Church.
My mother wasn’t at home.
She had gone to share condolences with a woman who lost her 27-year-old daughter, four streets away.
Young as I was, I walked those streets to that house.
(Sorry, but I was a hungry 10-year-old).
I found my mother hurdled between some women. Crying, telling sorry stories about how God should comfort the grieving parents….all whatnots!
I walked up to my mom, prodded her gently. And told her I was hungry.
She ignored me. I showed her pepper.
I tugged hard again, cried harder, and this time, the women around told her to listen to me.
“He’s a little boy and he’s hungry,” they said.
My mother smiled, held my hand, and we walked out of that house.
I was happy; I had won.
When we got home, my mum stepped into the room. I walked behind her as we both approached my Dad, feeling triumphant that I had successfully done what my other siblings couldn’t do:
I brought mum home.
Perhaps, my siblings and Dad knew something I didnt know. But because of my orikunkun (stubborness), they didnt tell me.
As soon as mom got into the middle of the room, she turned around, pulled me closer, and landed me this slap that….that…that immediately reset something in my brain.
It drove some sense into me.
If the hunger was still there after that, I didnt notice.
But, I sure received enough sense never to embarrass my mum in public like that….ever again.
“If you know you want to die, then next time, come and drag me out in public like that,” she said.
That was the day I received the most sense in my life.
What’s the point of this story?
You see, in life, we don’t receive the most sense until something tragic, devastating, or debilitatingly embarrassing happens to us.
That is when we know…
We should have saved enough moolah.
We should have made some financial investments early.
We should have paid those we owed, so we would be out of debt.
We should have insured our health, so we don’t run around paying needless medical bills.
But then, then comes the job loss,
….or sudden rise in the price of things….
And you suddenly have to cut down on your expenses.
Spend less or bite the dust.
What happens then?
Oh, you don’t suffer alone.
Your wife suffers.
Your children suffer.
Your relatives and those who depend on you suffer.
All because you didn’t receive enough sense to do something wise with your muhney when you had it.
You say you still have all the muhney you need?
Then, prepare for a crisis.
Life’s issues are inevitable.
Hike in prices and all.
So, you have to make do with you have.
Just like you, I made that mistake ONCE.
I lost my well-paying job….having saved na-da in all the years of working…and my family bore the brunt.
Before that happens to you, take proactive steps to secure your future and that of your family.
If you are religious, I know you have been told to trust God and don’t worry about the future.
But let ask you something:
What would have happened to Egypt if, during their 7 years of plenty, Joseph, Pharaoh, and the people ate everything without saving anything?
Even God will not allow you eat all you have without putting something aside.
I’m not asking you to save muhney alone. That’s doing something even more stupid.
I’m asking you to INVEST in what will bring you money now and later.
So, you never have to worry about muhney….when you should be spending more time with your family, your children, and your loved ones.
Don’t get sense until you get slapped.
Invest in something….some course, some book, some training, some business…that will make you muhney now and always.
It will cost you muhney. Yes. But nothing good comes easy.
You either pay today and play tomorrow, or you play today and pay tomorrow.
Whichever way, you’re not eating your cake and having it at the same time.
What I say to you I say to myself and to everyone who cares to listen:
Busayo Lawrence
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