This DECISION Determines Whether You Succeed (Or Not)


Hello, Friend, In my emails, I write to small businesses and creatives who are just starting to build their businesses from the ground up. The reason is simple: I can relate with these people. Because that’s where I am at the moment. This is another one of those emails: Recently, my family had an emergency […]

Get Sense or Get Slapped

hand slap in the face

When I was a little boy, about 9 or 10 years old, I was hungry. Dead hungry. I had just returned from Church. My mother wasn’t at home. She had gone to share condolences with a woman who lost her 27-year-old daughter, four streets away. Young as I was, I walked those streets to that house. (Sorry, but I was a […]

What You Should Never Do If You’re Just Starting a Business

Sometimes in 2015, I quit a fairly paying job as a school teacher, to pursue online marketing. I had always wanted to earn my living as a writer. But leaving that job was one big mistake I made. Here’s why: Up until 2015, I had very little knowledge about online marketing. I was a writer. […]

How To Make 10k in 10 Minutes – DAILY

Hey, Friend, Look at the comment below.  “Mr. Busayo is a great, reliable and knowledgeable person to work with. While he was our copywriter, he increased our sales by over 700% per month and was consistent as well. He is instrumental to our success as business owners.” ~~~ Michael Apata. Did you look at it? […]

What To Do When You Don’t “Feel Like Working”

Okay. Right now, the last thing I want to do is to write. I just want to sit back and binge-watch some action movies on Netflix. Yet, let me tell you why I had to drop whatever banged-up excuse I might have, to write anyway: You see, when you run your own business (especially when […]

How To Become An Instant Authority

how to become an instant authority

So once I met this young girl who always wanted to become a writer. I asked her why she hadn’t started to write. She said she was too afraid to start, or something like that. Then recently, someone close to me told me she wanted to become a data scientist. For the love of God, […]

How Anyone Can Sell Repeatedly

Recently, someone asked me if people still read their emails. Short answer: Yes, they do. Long answer: An Hubspot study shows that 99% of people check their email every day. That means any business that isn’t using email marketing to sell their business is leaving so much money on the table. Pay attention: More than […]

The Power of Collaboration

In the year 2012, I was in my final year at the University, writing the final paper. I didn’t understand the course. I tried to study it but it wasn’t sinking in. So I gave up on it. The morning we would write the paper, I decided to go into the examination hall, fail the […]

If Your Income Is Low, Do This

In the last few days, I have been tired, sick & near worn out. Yet, the last thing I want to do is to quit writing emails. The last thing you should also want to do, in your quest to growing your income, is to quit. You may feel your efforts are not working. You […]

The Richard Branson Story

One day, British billionaire & entrepreneur, Sir Richard Branson was walking on a field in South Africa. Shortly, he noticed a native South African woman running up to him. He stopped, wondering if he was willing to give anything to this beggar coming his way. The woman got to him, but surprisingly didnt beg for […]