The ONLY Marketing Strategy You Should Pay Attention To

pay attention to this

Listen to this: If you’re just starting your business, your business matters to you. It is your baby. You always want to do everything you can to ensure you’re getting new customers, retaining old customers, and making more sales. If this isn’t happening, your business will fail. You will close shop. Your business burns to […]

What To Do When You Don’t “Feel Like¬†Working”

Okay. Right now, the last thing I want to do is to write. I just want to sit back and binge-watch some action movies on Netflix. Yet, let me tell you why I had to drop whatever banged-up excuse I might have, to write anyway: You see, when you run your own business (especially when […]

How To Become A “Pro” Email Copywriter In 21 Days – At No Cost

So recently I read an article by one of my Email copywriting legends, Chris Orzechowski. Chris’s article was about how anyone could become a world-class Email Copywriter in 21 days. His ideas are solid. I must confess. Actually, his email copywriting ideas are badass. So I recommend anyone who wants to do their businesses (and […]

How To Become An Instant Authority

how to become an instant authority

So once I met this young girl who always wanted to become a writer. I asked her why she hadn’t started to write. She said she was too afraid to start, or something like that. Then recently, someone close to me told me she wanted to become a data scientist. For the love of God, […]

How Anyone Can Sell Repeatedly

Recently, someone asked me if people still read their emails. Short answer: Yes, they do. Long answer: An Hubspot study shows that 99% of people check their email every day. That means any business that isn’t using email marketing to sell their business is leaving so much money on the table. Pay attention: More than […]

What If You Don’t Have Customers

When I started my email copywriting business in May 2016, I had no clients. I had no customer base. I didnt even have an email list. All I had was the email addresses of few friends…and my email copywriting skill. I started to write daily sales emails to this tiny email list. Each time I […]