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Busayo Lawrence is all he claims and much much more. I met Busayo through a sales email in 2017 and I can honestly say contacting him has been one of my smartest business decisions as an Author and a business person.
Elsie O. Dennis
Journalist, Author, Accomplished Speaker & CEO, Elsiewrite Ltd
Mr. Busayo is a great, reliable and knowledgeable person to work with. While he was our copywriter, he increased our sales by over 100% per month and was consistent as well. He is instrumental to our success as business owners.
Michael Apata
Client/ Economics University of Manitoba

My name is Busayo Lawrence (formerly Busayo Yusuff).

Just so you know….

I am not a digital marketing guru.

I am not your regular 7-figure-earning expert.

I am not even a millionaire or billionaire copywriter.

I am just a simple, straightforward guy who learned to write sales letters and email copies….that get cash-sucking results for clients.

For TWO years, after graduating from the University with a degree I vowed never to use, I spent my time (mostly every morning), studying hard…..about Copywriting and Sales Emails.

The result (after TWO years of being broke) was a sudden rise from grass to grace.

Okay. I have to admit I didnt start to earn a million naira each month after I began to write email copies and sales pages.

But steadily, I built an income that worked for me.

It grew. And grew. And grew. And grew.

Until I knew I just had to share what I knew with the world.

The result is The CopyHook Newsletter.

If you want to learn to write sales emails and copies that convert your customers into repeated buyers, then this monthly newsletter is for you.

In this newsletter, I do not hold back on all I have learned as a Copywriter and Email Marketer.

In no less than 3000+ text, I put it all out there.

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Amazingly, Lawrence Busayo decides to give such infotaining report for such 'ridiculous' amount. I guess his passion to help people found his decision to do that and I bet great turn around times are not far from him. OK, the book was explicit in delivery of its content. I like the implied interaction between Busayo and the reader. I almost felt like he was there physically talking to me. So, I guess that kept me long enough to keep going back to finish the report. I am more of a audio and visual person than a reader. So, maybe, you could do an audio or video version of the report as it got boring for me at the tail end (usually like that for me with lengthy words). But again, each statement had a point to pass and it made me feel like I will be loosing a diamond if I jumped any page. That really made me stay till the end. In all, it was great!Kudos to Busayo.
motolani aleshe
Motolani Aleshe
Communications Expert
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